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In this article I will present the 10 best sights you should visit on your sightseeing tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). On the day of our trip we travelled with a group of 8 conservationists to the endangered Western Lowland Gorilla National Park. The park is located north of Brazzaville and is home to the world's largest gorilla population in Africa.

The area along the Congo River is known as a pool region that reflects the Congo at its widest latitude, with Brazzaville itself surrounded by savannah on one side and savannah on the other.

To the west of the Congo lies Gabon, to the east the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which was formerly the country of Zaire, and to the west Cameroon, a country with a population of about 1.5 million people. The country is known as Congo - Brazzaville, to distinguish it from other countries in the region such as Angola, Cameroon and Mozambique. Not to be confused with Congo Kinshasa, also known by its official name Congo Democratic Republic of Congo, it is much easier for outsiders to navigate and explore, but it still has part of the natural beauty of this region.

The Loufoulakari Falls are a popular tourist destination for their spectacular views of the Congo River and its many rivers and lakes.

Another popular sight is the National Museum, which presents French history, influenced by the history of Congo and Brazzaville. The museum was opened in 1965 and is named after the tomb where the lower floor is located, the Loufoulakari Tomb.

Later it was to become the capital of French Equatorial Africa, which today includes the Central African Republic. It fell under the control of King Leopold II of Belgium and was named after him because, not as a colony but as private property, he controlled vast areas that are now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The largest city is the capital of Brazzaville, which is located on the river Congo. The Cathedral of the Sacred Sacred Heart in Brazaville is worth a visit and was visited by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Republic of Congo in 1990. It contains ethnographic and historical exhibitions, but the city also houses the National Museum of the Cong, which encompasses the entire culture and history of both Brazil and the Congo.

Popularly called the Grand Canyon of the Congo, it is located on the Congo River between the city of Brazzaville and the Republic of Congo in the north - east of Brazil.

With its energy and boulevards, the Congo River is by far the country's most important tourist attraction, but it is separated from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. Brazzaville is located on the banks of the majestic Congo River and is one of the most densely populated cities in the Congo, with a population of over 1.5 million people and an area of 2.2 million square kilometres. It is also an important commercial centre for the Congo. It is the third largest city inCongo and the second largest in Africa, after the capital Kinshasa in South Africa.

Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at Mami Wata, one of the most popular restaurants in Brazzaville and the capital of the Congo. Enjoy the view of Kinshasa from the Congo River and eat at "Mami wata" - a great pizza for an afternoon.

Whether you venture into the wilderness of Kinshasa, the capital of Brazzaville, or the lowland gorillas of the mountains of Virunga, or go in search of mountain gorillas in Virunda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, visiting the forest can change a life. A trip to the MBUDI Park offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and romantic landscape of the Congo River. There are sunny beaches, beautiful forests and a variety of animal species to choose from, including elephants, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, chimpanzees, elephants and rhinos.

On your sightseeing trip to the Republic of Congo, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kinshasa, the capital of Brazzaville, and the city of Virunga. Don't miss the opportunity to visit some of the tourist attractions in Congo to experience a more intimate and intimate experience than ever before in your life.

Even the nature-loving traveller will fall in love with the chimpanzee families and majestic gorillas that roam the country's various reserves. If you have time to take a trip to Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo is one of the best destinations in the world for safari trips, with several reserves offering safaris through dense rainforests and jungles. Congo is home to the largest population of chimpanzees in Africa and the second largest number of gorilla species.

Visitors can head to the capital Brazzaville to enjoy spectacular views of the Congo Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. Day trippers can also stay at one of the many hotels, such as the Royal Hotel and the Hotel du Cap - de - Fonds.

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More About Brazzaville